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INDIA-PORTUGAL TREATY OF 1975 by Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda

INDIA-PORTUGAL TREATY OF 1975 by Lucio Mascarenhas, Sangolda
In 1974, there was a coup in Portugal. As is usually the case, one oversmart and insubordinate military officer [Spinola] thought that he knew better than anyone one else. And he had had a good reputation for fighting in Portuguese Guineau. Therefore, the communists and other sewer rats latched onto him, and used him to stage a Coup.
The same thing happened with France. People thought that Charles de Gaul would rescue the situation in French North Africa, but he only betrayed France and Christendom, and surrendered Algeria like a rat to the Arabs and Islamists. The result today is that millions of Arabs and Muslims have begun to colonize France itself.
Coming to the traitorous rat who staged a coup in Portugal: He formed a new administration which permitted a communist outlaw of Goan origin, Mario Soares, to return to Portugal and not be prosecuted as a absconding criminal. In fact, the absconding criminal was even made a minister. This criminal got together with his ideological fellows in India and signed a "treaty". This "treaty" is registered with the UN, and is available on the Internet.
However, the treaty is illegal, null and void. Putting aside the question of the legitimacy of the Portuguese government that signed that treaty, I ask these questions:
Was Goa merely a possession of Portugal? Could Portugal, in this age and day, unilaterally transfer Goa to India?
The answer is No.
Goa was not a mere possession. We are integrated into Portugal. We are integrally Portuguese. We are Portuguese citizens - which Portugal still, despite the "treaty" legally and constitutionally recognizes.
At one time, lands were purchased and sold without reference to its peoples. Such transactions were never moral in themselves. However, today, International law has so developed that is no longer countenanced.
The Sale of Alaska by Russia to the USA. Of Florida by Spain to the USA. Of Louisiana by France to the USA. The Sale of Alor and other Portuguese dependencies to the Netherlands. The sale of the Nicobar Islands by Denmark to British India. Etc.
Since there was no reference to the people of Goa, and since the people of Goa did not ratify the "treaty" or agree to it in any manner before or after, it has no value and no legal meaning.
The "treaty" in itself is an act of Fraud. It alleges that Goa became an integral part of the Indian Union from the dates of the Indian occupations - 1954 & 1961. That is Fraud because between those dates and 1974, when "Portugal" formally "repudiated" Goa, the Indian occupation was not accepted either by the Goans or by the Portuguese government, and the same could not be imposed upon either as having been with their agreement and assent by retrospective effect and effectively by one not in continuity with them, but a mere robber and outlaw!
Goa can become free only when Portugal returns to its senses. We need to wake up Portugal. At the moment, metropolitan Portugal has rebelled against the Portuguese State, against the Portuguese Communion, and has seceded and constituted itself a secessionist state. It abandoned Timor and other Portuguese provinces to their fates and to the tender mercies of their enemies.
We need the Counter-Revolution to begin in metropolitan Portugal. A revolution that looks forward to restore the Portuguese state as a multi-territorial, multi-ethnic state, the Portuguese Communion, as it was until 1974. And for that the Portuguese African and other provinces need to be recovered also.
This may seem hard and utopian. It is not. It is more difficult attempting to build an independent Goa without reference to Portugal. It is more difficult attempting to build a restored Portugal only with metropolitan Portugal and with Goa. It is easier to join up together with all Portuguese patriots, Goans, Metropolitans, Africans, East Asians, etc., and work for the restoration of the Portuguese Communion

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