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Eugene Correia is the Pre-Historic Ape "Homo Erectus" I really cant Understand how can a Pre-Historic Uncivilzed "Homo Erectus" be called a "Goan" 

In order to understand INDIA in a better way, you need realize that there is no Such country Named INDIA prior 1947, Pre-Historic Morons like Eugene Correia and even Educated PHD Indian Morons like to believe that INDIA as a nation existed for past 3500 years, which is a biggest joke I have ever heard.

India is not really a nation but a political union of many nations coming together to form a country, some were forcefully annexed by Indian Government e.g Goa, Kashmir, Nagaland, Sikkim, Junagadh, Manipur, Hyderabad etc. 

According to the oxford Dictionary, a Nation is, “ a large body of people united by Common descent, History, Culture or Language, inhabiting a particular state or territory” Therefore India is not a Nation.

India as a nation has no history,its an entity which was born in 1947, Yes each ethnic group of India have their own History(Tamils,Telugu,Maratha,Rajput, Goans, Kashmiris, Mallus etc) but we never had a monolithic and common history, we are not even aware of others existence before British built Railways,much of our society even today is not connected.

In 1947 when British granted Independence to British India and Pakistan, India use to have around 260 States, some princely states , and some states without any ruler.

When first Constitution was drafted 40 percent of Modern day India is still in the Hands princely rulers.

Society 200 years ago is quite different in the Indian Subcontinent, Every Tribe in the Indian Subcontinent had their own Language,Culture, Religions,God (Mostly Tribal Gods)–This is how most Indians evolved, well most people who lived in Indian subcontinent During that Time have no idea about the country that they are living in. Most of them were uneducated.

Indians were not even aware of others existence before British built Railways,much of Indian society even today is not connected. 

A Gujrati may not be able to communicate with Bengali, the average Indian seems to identify better with his/her fellow Assamese, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati or Naga people than with other Indians.

A German can Communicate with a fellow German, A Portuguese can Communicate with fellow Portuguese but one Ethnic Indian cannot communicate with another Ethnic Indian, they both are foreigners.

Even today most Educated Indians are not completely aware of their Geography, thats how brainwashed people are, far worse than North korea.

Indian elite in olden days felt that Religion can become an unifying cause , So they brainwashed Hindu Religion onto these tribes, Brahmins ,Kshatriya’s and other upper caste accepted lower caste tribes into Hinduism a Religion invented by British in the Year 1830.

Movies,Books,Education system in School subtly brainwashed people into Hindu Religion.

Since Independence Indian media and many Hindutva schools presented a Selective version of history.

Almost in every History book, Hindus were described as most pious and innocent while occupying British, Portuguese and Islamic people are described as barbaric and without any culture.

Such Fabrications led to a prevailing Culture of Victimhood and Cultural jingoism among young Indians.

The stupid brainwashed young youth of India are product of such disgusting propaganda which Hindutva Cultural Warriors have unleashed in Academic circles.

Indians are superficial, most people in the Subcontinent are basically different tribes and they use to have different moral code.

Brahminical Dharma is imposed on them..and worse most Lower caste lost their own identity when they started obliging Upper castes.

This is the reason why most Hindus suffer from identity crisis.If you ask them about religion most go numb and some become suspicious because , 95% of people cant read Sanskrit or understand it, nor they know about their own religion except few basic things learned from Brahminical Mythological sitcoms like Ramayana and Mahabharat directed by Ramanand Sagar

Supreme Court of India acknowledge the fact that most Indian Ancestors were Immigrants some came from west Africa, some from Arabian Desert, Some are from Persia and some from Central Asia.

So there is no such Thing call "Indians" even Native Americans are called "Indians"

All the bullshit that Caste is British conspiracy and British tried to divide India and have exaggerated minute difference in India is bullshit.

Biological,Genetic studies don't lie,Scientific results are open,and you can contact genetic and molecular institute of India.

for more information contact professor Satyajit Rath

Stop reading bullshit Hindutva media, you get nothing

Academics have nothing to do with Hindutva idiot propaganda.

Out of India theory is even bullshit, Ancestral North Indian Genotype in India is related to Eurasian Caucasus region and South have greater relevance to African,Precisely west Africa.

Some coastal African geneotypes have some common Mitochondrial structure with South India.

In South Asia, and Indian subcontinent there have been inward migrations from Northern Caucasus and West coastal Africa and small communities settled around and started trade among themselves.

This is how south Asia looked earlier, most people have no contact with rest of the world and its a closed society.

This is even the prime reason why Indians are closed minded and most have never seen any other country in their life and worse , very few people from other cultures contacted them.

Only contacts that Indians are aware of are colonial invasions, this created a mindset among South Asians, Every thing from outside is dangerous and disruptive to existing culture.

South Asia was never a free flowing,Trading culture—-Only few communities engaged in Trade and Commerce, precisely there are few castes which have engaged in Trade, rest of the society is always stagnant ,poor .

Please don't fall into trap of Hindutva propaganda, Hindutvas are laughing stock even among Indians.

Serious academics laugh at these Idiots, but most closed minded Indians and highly ethnocentric Indians, believe in Hindutva Fairy tales.

Unfortunately over 45% of India is illiterate,which makes susceptible for brainwashing and worse many Indian youth are insecure,which makes them believe in Hindutva propaganda.

All the glory of Indian civilization and Great Indian inventions or India as Aryan race or Indians are original Aryan,India is a Ancient Country all are bullshit fairy tales.

Sadly more and more young people who were exposed to other Cultures for first time in their life,thanks to globalization are feeling alienated .

Most Hindutva young cheerleaders are insecure young men who cannot integrate into any European or Western culture and they are not part of mainstream, thats why Sudin Dhavalikar has problem with Bikinis.

So they seek refuge in Hindutva propaganda and to get false sense of pride.

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