Monday, July 6, 2015


By reading my last article on this topic, I am sure the readers have realized what betrayal India committed against Goa by forcibly snatching Goa from us and converting it into a Bharati property. And worst part of this whole episode was, while signing the treaty of officially surrendering Goa to India, an unelected representative of Portugal Mario Soares in his capacity as Foreign Minister of Portugal sitting in the cosy premises in Delhi in 1974 officially handed Goa over to Portugal as if Goa is a small piece of commodity.

Mario Soares did not even consult the Goans to take their views into consideration, as Portugal did in Macao before surrendering it to China. Mario Soares did the whole exercise of surrendering Goa officially to India as if Goa was his father’s property. In this surrendering treaty there was total cheating by Portugal and total betrayal of Goans by the Portuguese government of that time.
In view of this, I feel the current government of Portugal should be made aware of the blunder Portugal did in 1974 for Goa and Goans. In this direction, the Goa lover Goans settled in Portugal must join together and submit a memorandum to Portuguese government in Lisbon detailing our agony over what wrong Portugal did to Goa and Goans with regards to 1974 treaty and thereby ask the Portuguese government to use its good offices with India to amend the said treaty to give more rights to Goans in Goa. Portugal is maintaining good relationship with India and hence Portugal can do something for Goans in Goa to protect their rights. Under Indian sovereignty, India is swallowing Goa. Under India, indigenous Goans are getting into extinction. Under Indian supremacy, Goa is getting de-goanised thereby losing its culture and tradition. Under India, Goa is losing its Goan soul.
There are many Goans settled in Portugal and they have great love for their beloved Goa. Very shortly the election in Portugal will be held and the new president will be elected and most probably the candidate for the presidency will be a Goan origin Portuguese from Margao. These Goans must make this as one of the election issues to put pressure on the next president to think again of Goa and the woes Goans face under India because Portugal gave Goa to India on silver platter.
Likewise, Goa lover Goans spread in other parts of the globe however small in number they may be, must submit a memorandum to Portuguese government thru the Portuguese Embassies in their respective countries. 
In Goa there is a big number of Goans who think in a similar manner and they must submit a memorandum to Portuguese Consulate in Panjim to convey their grievances to Portuguese government in Lisbon. In this way we must keep our issue alive and moving before it is totally forgotten.

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