Monday, August 10, 2015


Asia’s oldest Tribunal de Relação/Relação de Goa, which was located in Nova Goa/Cidade de Nova Goa (Pangim), had no exact equivalent in the British or Indian judicial system, was downgraded to a court of a Judicial Commissioner.
In the first months, the renaming of the entire State apparatus and offices took effect so that ‘anglo-indianised’ nomenclature replaced the then existing Portuguese one. The Derecção do Serviços de Fazenda e Contabilidade was renamed Accounts Department; Correios Telégrafos e Telefones, Post and Telegraph; Serviços Aduaneiros, Customs Dept.; Serviços da Guarda Fiscal, Central Excise Department; Emissora de Goa, the Panaji Station of All India Radio; the Escola Médico-Cirúrgica de Nova Goa, Goa Medical College, &c.
What, however, proved to be less palatable to many of the locals was the downgrading of Estado da Índia Portuguesa to a Union Territory and a part of the Indian Union/Republic.
At present, throughout the length and breadth of the former Estado da Índia (regarding Goa), the official language is Concanim and Portuguese, the exception being the ex-Estado da Índia Portuguesa – Goa is the only former colony where the English (language of another colonial power) language was superimposed on the formerly imposed Portuguese, at the level of administration, education, business, &c. Thus making it difficult for the Goans to administer at various places in after the first days of the Indian Union’s/Republic’s Invasion of Goa.
The other, and of much great consequence is that its tiny population wonders how to keep its identity alive, in the face of a million new settlers of non-Goan origin and since Goa is quite small area wise, we truly need to protect our ethnicity and identity most earnestly.
It’s known that through means of ‘conquest’ by the Republic/Union of India, Goa got liberated from the Portuguese but didn’t escape colonialism by the Indian Union/Republic. We are conquered by them and remain under the shroud of colonialism.
Russia encouraged the Indian Union/Republic to take over Goa surpassing all international regulations, and later the Indian Union/Republic too encouraged Indonesia in the forceful occupation of East Timor. This is how a corrupt democratic country which practices colonialism, teaches another country how to achieve it.
The Indian Union/Republic has not taken any appropriate measures in the field of education, has superimposed on us the language of Hindi, and has encouraged the knowledge of spurious history of our historical, political, socio-economic and ethnical background existing within our territory.

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