Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SEDITION By Floriano Lobo

Ah! the word 'SEDITION' most often gets the rulers, more specifically the COLONIAL RULERS, off the hook through eliminating those who could pose danger to their manipulative rule suppression and of loot and plunder.
There was a time when a Goan Chamcha touting as an all knowing [ internet] SCIENTIST complained to the Goa Police, some years ago, that a certain Goan character based abroad was inciting SEDITION in Goa and yours faithfully was associating with him over the internet. This resulted in a police Headquarter summons to yours faithfully. ' We shall arrest this sedicious character when he lands in Goa' 'You must deassociate from this character' ' You could be hauled up for 'sedition'.... etc etc were the threats floated in this many police heads meet. My curt response was: 'Go ahead and arrest this Goan gentleman who happens to be my friend and take the brunt of it, because I shall stand by him. He is the GOAN PATRIOT who does not like the way his GOA was invaded and annexed and Martial Law imposed, women raped and Goa looted all in the name of FALSE LIBERATION. And if you gentlemen have the guts, do arrest me too. I had left the room leaving these police heads reeling.
A call to kill policemen is bad in taste. Policemen are our own brotheren. They only obey wrong orders from manipulators. If they do not obey these orders, they get into trouble. And who wants trouble? unless it is a COLLECTIVE disobedience to the orders. Insulting the National Flag, most often, is a ruse to eliminate opposition. We believe that Lalu Prasad Yadav SAT in his seat for the Independence day celebrations in New Delhi [or perhaps on the Republic Day] through the raising of the National flag and the recital of the National Anthem. If this is correct, then Lalu Prasad Yadav should have been rotting in jail. Has this happened? Nany a times the National flag is hoisted up side down. Is this not an insult to the flag? I remember a particular incidence that happened on board the ship when we were in former SAIGON now HO CHI MINH CITY. There was some celebration in Vietnam and the Captain had decided to float a Party onboard to entertain the local authorities. The Indian flag alongside the Vietnamese flag was pinned UP SIDE DOWN. When the Vietnamese Official pointed this out to the Captain [we were all Indian Crews with yours faithfully the only GOAN], the Captain quietly reprimanded the Chief Officer [who was a Sikh] but refrained from correcting the mistake while the party lasted. And no one was locked in jail for life for sedition, when the fingers were pointing at the sedicious 'Sikh' Chief Officer.
A certain editor of the esteemed NT, during the Anti-Meta Strips struggle of Goa and when one havaldar died in a melee at Goa Velha, had written an editorial in the NT saying that GOANS do not have basic manners. That they should have apologized to the family of the dead Hawaldar which was not forthcoming. To that, yours faithfully had written back to tell this dear editor that Goans will not learn basic manners from an outsider who is a chained dog of his master, barking when told to bark and sitting silent, chewing on the bone thrown to him in the corner, when told to be silent. This was not taken lightly and we do not have to go on detailing the repercussions.
When Goans are pointing out to the Judgment of the Honourable SUPREME COURT [in the case of Fr. Chico V/s the State] where it is mentioned that India took over Goa by force and annexed it to the Indian Union [without the PLEBISCITE which is a must when indigenous regions are liberated as according to the United Nation's Charter] where is the question of SEDITION???

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