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Glorification Of British Invaders On Parshuram Bhumi – by Bendo Juze

Glorification Of British Invaders On Parshuram Bhumi – by Bendo Juze
On Jan 15 2016 Goa PWD minister Ramkrishna 'Sudin' Dhavalikar who along with his brother Deepak are the smartest Politicians and has benefited from both the Congress and BJP corruption said Portuguese should tender apology to Goans. Goans can't forget the history of the Portuguese rule. "What happened in Goa prior to 1961 we have seen," said Dhavalikar while speaking on congratulatory motion moved by Congress legislature Aleixo Lourenco to congratulate Antonio Costa, newly elected Prime Minister of Portugal who is of Goan origin.
He said feel reluctant to support the motion but he did it, nonetheless. "I support it for Costa is the son of the soil," he said Dhavalikar.
Further on Dhavalikar clearly said “Portugal never conquered Goa but it was handed over to the colonial rulers by the Adilshah, who was ruling Goa in 1510”. He is Correct. Infact a Brahmin named Mhal Pai from Verna requested a sea Brigand call Timoja Naik to Invade Goa and drive out Adil Shah. So as per this actually the whole clan of Pai and Naik are responsible for the Portuguese rule in Goa and should apologize to Goans
Now the BRITISH Conquered India ruthlessly, tortured Indians, killed Millions, looted and finally divided India. The crimes the British are to vast to comprehend. While Goans were treated a citizens of Portugal in Portugal and Goa, The British Placed Boards at restaurants saying “INDIANS AND DOGS NOT ALLOWED”
Apparently 2017  is being planned “The India-Britain Year of Culture 2017” and  One of the events proposed for this is a Wembley-style event in Goa, with Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and David Cameron addressing an audience in the stadium at Dona Paula via a live video feed. Full Article
WOW. Today some BRITISH Leftovers want to Celebrate British Imperialism by Hosting an "India-Britain Year of Culture" that too in GOA.  Last year a Gujrat British leftover gave a Dazzling Speech in Wembly Stadium London without asking the British PM to once apologize for the Brutal British rule. Is this a “Stockholm Syndrome” wherein Indians have fell in love with their Colonizers as they have fallen in love with their colonizers language “English” and the colonizers Game of “CRICKET”?. Fake Freedom Fighter NAGESH KORMOLI are you there? You wanted to stop a Goa Portuguese Friendship Festival “Semna Cultura Indo Portuguesa” in 2011?
Instead David Cameroon should have been forced to Apologize at Jallianwala Bagh or the Indo-Pak Border and sent back in Disgrace. Goans should NOT ALLOW CELEBRATION OF BRITISH IMPERIALISM on PARSHURAM BHUMI. Whoever want this Celebration anywhere in India or Wembley should be tagged as traitors and BRITISH Leftovers dancing over the body of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and be kicked out of the Holy Land of Bharat. All Indians who migrated to Invader Britain should be tagged as Anti nationals.
As early as August this year, Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar had raised the issue of Goans making Portuguese passports with the External Affairs Ministry.  "They are migrating not because there are no job opportunities here...It is a mentality to cross over the country borders. We need to change their mentality," Parsekar told the State Legislative Assembly."I feel that people spend hours together outside the consulate to get the passport. They are in a hurry to lose the citizenship of their country. This is sad," the Chief Minister said. On Jan 15 2016 at the motion in the Goa assembly to congratulate Antonio Costa for becoming the PM of Portugal San Andre MLA  expressed concern over Goans taking Portuguese citizenship to take up jobs in the UK by using Portugal as a gateway and eventually the whole family gives up Indian citizenship. “This huge amount of migration is a different kind of denationalization and we need to ask Portugal how long they plan to continue this facility”, said Wagh.
Mr Parsekar, Mr Wagh. Today Despite “ACHEE DIN in India” and “make in India 1.4 million Indians Have acquired citizenship of Invader Britain. Can you raise this concern and take action on the same?
Goans, Will you allow Glorification of British Invaders on Parshuram Bhumi?

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