Saturday, May 14, 2016

Goa Police Force Acted Worse Than Hitler – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Yesterday the Hell was created in Panjim by the Satanic Police force of Goa when these Satans headed by their IFS Lucifer lathi charged the protesting fishermen mercilessly including the poor women.  I have no words to express my anger over the barbarity the Policemen has committed and also I have no words to express my sympathies to the suffering traditional Goan fishermen.

Oh Mathanay Saldanha!  “If you were alive now, our fishermen hath need of thee”.  Their fishing boats are rudderless in your absence. Guide them thru right path from wherever you are.

Your wife Alina is incapable to alleviate the sufferings of the poor traditional Goan fishermen who are asking only their rights as Goans but they were brutally assaulted by the Police force headed by a Non-Goan who displayed his total anger against Goans.  Portuguese Policemen were far better than these Ghanttes and those who were fathered by the Ghanttees.  The Salazarist Policemen in Goa showed more concern and sympathy to poor Goans than all those Policemen who mercilessly assaulted yesterday traditional Goan fishermen and their womenfolk.

The brutality of Police force yesterday was so great that they went berserk with the unlimited power they wielded during the lathi charge.  Their number looked more than that of the agitators and their brutality surpassed even that of Portuguese time Agente Monteiro and his deadly Pakle colleagues and the Goan Cabo Sukddo.   Is it the fruit Goans enjoying in the name of liberation and democracy?  If this is the case then I don’t want this democracy and liberation. I strongly feel that the rights of Goans were better protected during the Portuguese rule though Portuguese had to leave from Goa with all their Agente Monteiros but not to replace by the worst Ghanttee Agente Monteiros with IPS degrees.

It is now clear that this BJP government to protect the interest of Casinos will do anything whether Goans live or die.  Because of this agitation of fishermen the Casino business was terribly affected and since Casinos are the babies of BJP government, the government machinery acted thus thru its Hitlerian Police force.

The election is around, Goans must work to defeat BJP giving priority to the defeat of Avertano Furtado who failed to shoulder his responsibility properly.

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