Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Goa Invasion day By Reggie Goveas

The lying, thieving, manipulative politicians of questionable morality and loyalty and their main sponsors, the SC-contemptuous mining looters are joined by

- real estate sharks with unsustainable mega projects in eco zones - golf courses, marinas, gated compounds with (Italian) 'VILLAS' for the resource-hungry uber-rich black money hoarders (including their entourage of maids, cooks, gardeners, aaiyas and assorted bonded slaves, with one car each for every member of the family)

- rapidly expanding gambling and prostitution industries

- cops who cover up crimes rather than investigate them (while honest officers get quickly shunted out for catching family members of the powerfuls)

- cover-ups of rapes, murders of women, children, tourists to preserve the 'image' of a friendly state
- bore wells and pressure pumps to suck the water table dry
- the loss of 'TREE' status to Goa's much used symbol - the coconut palm
- de-forestification, neo-urbanization, concreteization of villages
- threats, harassment, assassination of village activists protecting their land and culture
- assassination of the people-designed RP 2021 by a builder-friendly and corrupt TCP (shark central)
- portrayal by the rest of the country's media as the extra special place to let lose the underbelly of frustrated filth and sleaze frothing inside the pseudo-moral hypocritical countryside...
to name a few.
We love you Chennai and empathize with your recent calamity...
but FORCA GOA be needing that trophy much much more tomorrow!
Viva! Re Viva!

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