Sunday, June 26, 2016

RIGHT TO SELF DETERMINATION By Robert Lindsay, California

I have always opposed Indian imperialism and colonialism. India cannot even manage itself. Why doesn’t it let go of a few hundred million humans or so? Would that not be easier to manage.

Kashmir, Goa, Hyderabad, Andaman Islands, Laccadive Islands etc was never even a part of India in the first place, nor was the North East (Sikkim,Nagaland, Arunachal, Assam, Manipur etc). There was never any such thing as India ever. In 1947, it was 3000 princely states. They voted on whether or not to join this shit state called India and some of them voted not to join. India then invaded every state that refused to join India, killed a lot of people, and forced them to join. Both Kashmir and the NE refused to join India, but India invaded and attacked both places and killed lots of people to force them to join its shit state.

This the 20th Century. Indians are still practicing conquest, annexation and settlement of land and gaining territory by conquest when the rest of the world gave it up long ago. Almost every single Indian on Earth with defend the Indian monster state and its endless imperial conquests. Indians are sick people, practicing long dead ideologies of imperial conquest and annexation. Monsters. Backwards, primitive monsters.

Indeed but the world is not supposed to act this way anymore. Conquest, annexation, settler-colonialism, wars of territorial expansion are all banned.
What shall we say to the throwbacks?

Settler colonialism went out in the West in 1890 and in the UN in 1945. India, Israel, Morocco and Indonesia are all throwbacks.

Even with right to self-determination, India will only lose the NE and Kashmir. About Punjab, it is hard to say. But those are the only places that even want to go anyway.

Canada, the UK, the USSR and Czechoslovakia all allowed or allow self determination. There was separation in those places with generally little bloodshed. Only White people are civilized enough to allow nations to break up and to allow the self determination of nations. So only White people are truly humanistic. Indians are all animals because they react to self determination with extreme violence.

I support the right to self-determination. From the very beginning of India, Kashmiris rejected joining India. 90% of them voted to not be a part of India, but India forced Kashmir to join India. India has no right to Kashmir. It’s not a Hindu-Muslim thing. It’s similar to the Basque/Spaniard or Catalan/Spaniard conflict.

I support self-determination for Kashmir and the Northeast.

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