Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The first crime was the invasion of the EIP. We didn't start it. The Indians marched in… They marched in without asking permission. The Indians should have asked if they could march into the EIP. Or declared war.

-No one would have given permission.

The Russian and the Indian didn't sign the Geneva Convention. They didn't need to respect international conventions of war, and they showed it. Stirred up by Bolshevist propaganda they massacred our people… and also molested them in particular the women. We tried to prevent that until the end. We didn't succeed. Luso-Goan soldiers didn't do that. Maybe. But it was strictly forbidden.

The answer here is "yes and no". All UN members and observers have signed the four Geneva treaties. Which are now known as the Geneva Conventions (Fun fact). But several countries have not signed the three protocols in addition to those treaties. Both India and Pakistan are in that group. To clarify they both have signed the Geneva Conventions but not the additional three protocol treaties. What this means is that they are legally exempt (I think) from what it says in the protocols. So for example, they can shoot paratroopers without giving them a chance to surrender and they can refuse aid to wounded prisoners. (These are just examples. There are lots of stuff in the treaties)

Rape? The Indian Soldiers did that.

The Luso-Goans didn't do that?

It's something you always here, but the Exercito didn't do that. You couldn't. You would be shot or sent to a punishment battalion.

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